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The mission of The University of Texas System is to improve the human condition in Texas, our nation and our world. The System will use its size, diversity, and quality to advance education, push the bounds of discovery, enhance population health, build stronger communities and shape public policy for the common good. Producing high quality human capital with a sense of service and the ability to lead, we will pursue solutions to the problems of our state, our nation and our world. We are a state university system with global impact.


  • We build and sustain Texas’ finest institutions of higher education and health care.
  • Our priority is to the students and the patients in our care. We are unyielding in our drive to advance student success, innovation and the well-being of the citizens of Texas.
  • We communicate in all directions and with the utmost transparency, so that the members of the System and those outside the organization see and understand all that we are doing.
  • We build trust through our actions—personal and professional; our credibility is our greatest asset.
  • Our actions are moral, legal and ethical and we hold ourselves accountable when we fail to achieve this standard.
  • We will be known as the most innovative, responsive and dedicated public university system in the nation.