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Bystander Intervention and Protocol Initiative

The UT System is launching a three-year initiative beginning fall of 2015 to teach students intervention strategies to help prevent suicides, sexual assaults, high-risk drinking, hazing, hate speech and academic dishonesty, among others. Known as the UT System Bystander Intervention Initiative, the $1.4-million allocation from the Board of Regents will fund the program at all eight UT System academic campuses to teach students how to keep their peers healthy and safe.

Bystander intervention is the choice to respond to a potentially harmful situation or interaction in a way that should positively influence the outcome.

For more information about the Bystander Intervention Initiative, please visit the site:


Alcohol Prevention, Education, and Recovery Program

The University of Texas System continues to set the national standard for student wellness and safety programs. The system has recently extended that comittment by continuing to fund and expand alcohol prevention, education and recovery programs at all UT academic campuses.




Sexual Assault Prevention

The University of Texas System has funded a $1.7-million multiyear study on sexual assaults, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment at 13 of its college and medical campuses. The study, to be conducted by researchers at UT Austin’s School of Social Work for the UT System, will range from online questionnaires for students; surveys and focus groups of faculty, staff and campus law enforcement; and a 4-year cohort study of entering freshman to identify the psychological and economic impact of sexual violence.

Known as Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE), the study will select a sample size of students who reflect the demographics of their institutions to anonymously answer questions about their on-campus sexual violence experiences to help researchers determine the prevalence of such incidents. The survey - which will gather data from self-identified victims - will commence in the fall of 2015 and be repeated two years later.