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UT System By the Numbers

# of Pell recipients: 72,304

# of STEM degrees awarded by academic institutions:
11,152 (FY15)

Federal research funding (FY15): $1.1B


The UT System and the Office of Federal Relations provide data and produce periodic reports regarding the characteristics and work of the System. Federal policymakers and stakeholders can learn more about the UT System and its contributions to the eduation, health and economic prosperity of the state and the nation from the following:

  • The Productivity Dashboard was created to increase transparency; measure more effectively the productivity, efficiency, and impact of the UT System; and demonstrate more clearly our accountability.
  • The annual Fast Facts report includes data on enrollment, faculty, patient care, research funding and expenditures, and tuition, fees and financial aid for each of the fifteen campuses within the UT System.
  • The UT System recently developed the seekUT website and online tool to provide students and policymakers with valuable data about employment earnings for the first five years after graduation, as well as average student loan debt, for graduates by degree major. Information is also available regarding the percent of graduates who elect to continue their education, the number of semester credit hours required to earn a bachelor’s degree, average time to degree by major, and labor market projections by occupation in Texas (by region) and throughout the nation.
  • A Framework for Advancing Excellence was approved by the UT System Board of Regents in May 2011 and has guided the growth and development of the UT System since.
  • In July 2004, the Task Force for Access to Health Care in Texas was organized to address issues of access to health care and health insurance in Texas. The Task Force deliberated for 18 months and released its final report "Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas," as well as the report summary, on April 17, 2006, to address the impending crisis regarding the health of its population, which will profoundly influence the state's competitive position nationally and globally. The Task Force also released updated summary reports in 2008 and 2012.
  • The Office of Fedreal Relations prepared a fact sheet on NIH-funded Research within the UT System