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What is performance management?

Performance management is a managerial process that consists of planning, managing, improving, appraising, and rewarding performance.  It is a dynamic process that cascades throughout the various levels of the organization, utilizing observation, feedback, development, and many other tools and approaches to maximize organizational performance. 

What are performance appraisals?

Performance appraisals are an essential part of the performance management process and are designed to allow managers and employees to communicate regarding performance standards.  Performance appraisals also give employees and managers an opportunity establish goals, align expectations, and provide feedback.  Performance appraisals narrow the focus to individuals and the effect of their contributions on the organization’s ultimate success and serve as a formal record of a supervisor’s opinion of the quality of an employee’s job.

What are the main differences between performance management and performance appraisals?

Performance management is an ongoing managerial process versus performance appraisals which specifcally occur 90 days after the employee’s hire date, prior to the 180th day and annually.

Why are performance appraisals important?

Appraisals provide an opportunity for a formal communication between employees and managers. Appraisals also help to develop opportunities which will strengthen the organization and provide a foundation for rewarding performance.

When are performance appraisals conducted?

Annual appraisals are conducted in June for performance during the period of June 1st through May 31st. For probationary employees (new classified employees who have not satisfied the six month probationary period) appraisals are conducted at 90 days of employment and again before the 180th day of employment.

How are appraisals conducted?

The appraisals are conducted using a web-based performance appraisal system.  The system, Performance Pro, provides an automated solution for conducting employee appraisals and tracking performance goals and expectations. 

Please contact your HR Business Partner if you have any questions regarding Performance Management and/or our online performance appraisal system.   Your HR Business Partner will also be able to provide information to help you improve your performance appraisal processes, give you specific guidance on conducting a difficult performance appraisal or simply provide assistance on how to best complete your appraisal.  For a complete list of Business Partners by department visit our Human Resources SharePoint site; email or call 512-499-4587. 

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