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Marisa Bogart, UT Austin - Featured Officer of the Month

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While finishing up my senior year in college at St. Edward’s University I began scouring indeed jobs for law enforcement openings. I saw The University of Texas at Austin Police Cadet, and hopped on the phone with the recruiting Sergeant. He informed me they would send me to their in house academy and how to apply. That was in January, and on my birthday (June 29th) I started my first day as a hired cadet through UTPD.

Fast forward about six months, it’s now November 20th and I’m sitting at our academy graduation ceremony. I graduated with Top Gun and Top Cadet recognition.

Another five months goes by and I’m climbing into a patrol car by myself (very odd feeling).

Over the next two years UTPD blessed me with training, experience, and opportunities I couldn’t have imagined. I’m a certified Bike Patrol Officer, a RAD instructor, a Firearms Instructor, and a Crisis Negotiator. The negotiation team was sent to a competition at Texas State in January of 2018 and we placed second. This was a big accomplishment considering we were up against teams such as the FBI, Singapore, Travis County, and APD.

I say all this not to brag, but to show myself and others that The University of Texas at Austin Police Department and The Office of the Director of Police have invested as much in me as I have them. I have been extremely blessed in being a part of this community and I’m very proud to be able to represent these departments.