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Neurological illnesses and mental disorders inflict a lot of human suffering every year. And it's getting worse. Certainly here in Texas, with our senior population being the fastest growing age group, the urgency to address Alzheimer's is clear.

The good news is that there is magnificent work going on in the neurosciences and we are already a big part of it. We have many excellent programs spread across our institutions focused in some form or fashion on brain health. So we are going to launch an effort akin to the Manhattan Project to understand, prevent, treat and cure the diseases of the brain.

The Manhattan Project, as you probably know, was the mother of all collaborative research projects, which resulted in hastening the end of World War II. The comparison to what we want to achieve in brain health may seem hyperbolic, but it is apt, because the Manhattan Project tapped the greatest scientific minds working at geographically dispersed sites and doing their own unique work, but all contributing and collaborating in pursuit of a common goal. That's precisely the approach we're going to take.

We will make an unprecedented investment in leveraging and connecting all the cutting-edge science ongoing at UT institutions. Once again, we will drive collaboration, incentivize partnerships and demand scientific and clinical cooperation. Where possible, we will expand our efforts in brain health so that more talent can be applied against this growing demand. There is a revolution in Brain Health under way and UT is going to lead it.  






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