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In 2013, the Obama administration unveiled the U.S. Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, with financing through  public funding from a variety of federal agencies and a growing number of private sector partners, currently estimated at $4.5B over 10 years. The focus of BRAIN is to understand one of the most fundamental assets in existence, the human brain and mind. A clear early goal of all these funding plans is to drive blue-sky technologies and tools necessary to take current neuroscience research into a period of transformative breakthroughs. For further information,


To better understand the large capabilities of neuroscience-related discovery at our 15 institutions and determine how best to assist our researchers in competing for upcoming opportunities, a multi-campus U.T. System Neuroscience Council was created in 2013. The Council brings together top researchers to explore new convergent research that takes advantage of faculty expertise in disciplines such as neuroscience, engineering, computer science, mathematics, materials science, physics, genetics, statistics and chemistry, along with cutting-edge resources such as UT’s extensive computing and imaging technologies. 

The above image represents an MRI Diffusion Tensor 

Neuroscience Council Panel Discussion with Board of Regents:  During the Health Affairs Committee session of the May 15 Board of Regents meeting, members of the UT System Neuroscience Council discussed neurological and related engineering activities taking place throughout the System and Council activities to increase the System’s competitiveness in the BRAIN initiative and related neuroscience initiatives.


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