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Frank W. Ball

Fort Worth

Appointed by

Governor Hogg





Date of Passing

September 9, 1900


Excerpt from The University Record, Vol. II, No. 4, December 1900
Meeting of Regents, September 17, 1900 in Austin

The following resolutions, presented by President Prather, touching the death of the Hon. Frank W. Ball, of Fort Worth, a former member of the Board, were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, First, We learn with profound sorrow of the death of Frank W. Ball, lately a member of this Board. He was appointed Regent by the Governor in 1890, and with marked intelligence and efficiency served the University for eight years. His ideal of a University comprehended not only the consummation of the highest intellectual effort of the people, but also embraced and illustrated the practical value of education along the ver broadest lines of culture. He helped to impress the ideal deeply upon the policy of the University of Texas.

Second. We not only esteemed him as a valued member of the Board, but those of us who served with him cherished him as a friend and a brother.

Third. In his death the State has lost a patriotic citizen, the University of Texas a faithful and untiring friend, and his family an affectionate husband and father. We tender to his widow and daughter our deepest sympathy, and the Secretary is directed to transmit to them a copy of these resolutions, and to transcribe the same on a separate page of the minutes of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas.