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UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center have once again secured top honors in the U.S. News & World Report's annual Best Hospitals rankings released this week.

As nearly 200,000 undergraduate students prepare to begin classes at their respective University of Texas System institutions next month, an unprecedented number will do so with confidence, knowing that financial barriers will not stand in the way of their academic and personal aspirations.
Semiconductors are essential to the technologies we use every day, yet over 80% of these critical components are made overseas. To secure a sustainable supply of high-quality semiconductors, The University of Texas System and its institutions are spearheading a collaborative, statewide effort to make Texas the world’s most powerful hub for semiconductor innovation and production.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – University of Texas institutions have once again been ranked among the most innovative in the United States, securing the No. 3 spot on the National Academy of Inventors’ (NAI) annual Top 100 U.S. Universities List for the second consecutive year.

Mental health is Texas' foremost public health challenge today and a leading contributor to disability and death, especially among adolescent Texans. Compounded by historic underservice, Texas has faced an uphill battle when it comes to providing sufficient mental health resources to its growing population, but state leaders – including the University of Texas System – are committed to turning the tide.
Artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping the landscape of health care, revolutionizing scientific discovery, drug development, diagnosis and treatment, as well as health care delivery operations. As with any emerging technology, its success lies in its implementation, and the University of Texas System is committed to harnessing AI’s potential for the ultimate benefit of patients while ensuring its ethical and responsible use.
May holds special significance for the Child Psychiatry Access Network (CPAN), as it coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month, and May 20 marks the fourth anniversary of CPAN's mission to revolutionize mental health care delivery for children and adolescents.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Today,the University of Texas System Board of Regents voted unanimously to name Julie V. Philley, MD, the next president of the University of Texas at Tyler. Philley currently serves as the university’s executive vice president for health affairs and vice provost and is a board-certified physician in pulmonary and critical care medicine.