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Silas Catchings Padelford

Fort Worth

Appointed by

Governor M. A. Ferguson





Date of Passing

March 3, 1929


Excerpt from March 9, 1929 Board Minutes

DEATH OF S. C. PADELFORD.--Upon motion of Mr. Holliday, the Board unanimously adopted the following resolution concerning the death of former Regent S. C. Padelford, the resolution having been drawn by Hon. M. M. Crane at the request of the Board.

Judge Silas Catchings Padelford, a former Regent of the University of Texas, died at his home at Fort Worth, Texas on the third day of March, 1929. Board at Edwards Depot, Hines County, near Jackson, in the State of Mississippi, and a graduate of the University of Mississippi, a short time after being licensed to practice law in the state of his birth, Judge Padelford came to Texas and settled at Cleburne, Texas in the fall of 1874. He was actively engaged in the practice of his profession from that date at Cleburne and Fort Worth until his death. His career as a lawyerwas a long, honorable, and active one. He was first associated in the practice of law with L. B. Davis at Cleburne, under the firm name of Davis and Padelford. Later he and D. F. Bledsoe formed a partnership, under the name of Bledsoe & Padelford. His last partnership, with the late William Poindexter, conducted under the name of Poindexter & Padelford, continued until Judge Poindexter's election to the office of District Judge caused its dissolution. He continued in the practice alone at Cleburne until his removal to Fort Worth a few years before his death.

Judge Padelford was appointed a member of the Board of Regents on January 29, 1925, and resigned on September 27, 1926. His services to the Board were characterized by zeal and devotion to duty. Especially noteworthy was his exhaustive study of the legal status of the Board of Regents with respect to the lands of the University. To him more than to any one many should be accorded the credit of securing from the Supreme Court a construction of the provisions of the Constitution of Texas relating to the lands of the University.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF REGENTS that in the death of Judge Padelford, the University of Texas has lost a useful and devoted friend; the State of Texas, a fearless citizen who was ever devoted to the public weal; the legal profession, one of its outstanding and most capable members.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the sincere sympathy of the Board of Regents is hereby extended to his family in their bereavement and that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon its minutes and a copy be sent to his family.