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Exempt Employees Have New "Easy" Button for Non-Exception Timesheets

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In May of last year, HR launched a pilot program that eliminated the need for exempt employees to submit weekly timesheets unless state compensatory time was earned or leave (comp time, vacation, sick, etc.) was taken. Approximately 118 (18%) of System Administration staff opted to participate in the pilot by completing an exception-based time reporting agreement developed by OGC. HR tracked reported leave from May 2014 to November 2017 and determined there were no significant variances in leave reporting during that time, including since the beginning of this pilot. However, the structure of the pilot posed some challenges.

Feedback from department heads and timekeepers was mixed. A common concern was how to tell if timesheets weren’t submitted because they had no exception time to report or because the staff member had not updated their timesheets with appropriate leave or earned compensatory time. Some staff who participated in the pilot also found it difficult to recall whether they had verified their exception hours because they were now logging into the timesheet portal so infrequently.

OTIS came to the rescue, creating an “easy button” for weekly reporting. Now, instead of leaving timesheets blank for non-exception weeks, employees will click the “No Exceptions to Report” button. Once clicked, the timesheet will automatically change to a status of “No Exceptions to Report.” Those timesheets will not route for approval, but employees, managers and timekeepers will be able to see them. The addition of this button addresses staff, timekeeper, and department head concerns as there will no longer be “missing” timesheets due to exception reporting. Clicking the “no exceptions to report button” also effectively meets legal requirements for time reporting, eliminating the need for the exception-based time reporting agreement.

As of January 1, 2018, all exempt staff members are required to click the button to report any standard, 40-hour work week. There are no changes to completing a timesheet for any week in which state compensatory time is earned or leave is taken. A revised time and attendance policy (INT143) reflecting these changes is expected in early 2018. Updated employee and manager job aids are available.

With this change, we end the current pilot and sincerely thank all those who participated and provided feedback. HR will continue to track reported leave to ensure leave balances remain accurate and time reporting complies with all state and federal regulations. Please submit any feedback on this revised process to Lesley Ducran (