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The Office of Employee Benefits is excited to announce a new benefit for UT System Administration employees. Beginning on October 16, 2017, employees will have access to a telemedicine clinic located on the 19th floor of the UT System Building in Austin.

The Telemedicine Clinic is a 6-month pilot between Office of Employee Benefits, UT Medical Branch, and UT Austin’s School of Nursing. If successful, we are hoping to make this a long-term benefit.

HOURS | Open from 8 to 10 am each weekday.

PROVIDERS | Staffed by health care providers from The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) and assisted by nurses from The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing.

ENROLL | To be evaluated in the clinic, each employee must be enrolled in MyChart with UTMB prior to the clinic visit. Enrollment is free and can be completed by contacting the Office of Employee Benefits.

FREE | For a limited time, there will be NO COST for clinic visits.

CONNECT | Employees will be linked to the care provider via telemedicine equipment in the clinic, with the nursing staff available to assist with any necessary examination.

FIRST COME | Employees will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. When all available slots for the day are full, no additional appointments will be made for that day.

PRIMARY CARE | The clinic will focus on the treatment of minor primary care concerns, such as eye infections, ear aches, and colds. An employee may be issued a prescription or referred for further treatment at the conclusion of the appointment.

Questions? Please call Employee Benefits | (512) 499-4616.

View the Telemedicine Flyer for conditions treated at the clinic.


Q. Can I fill out the registration paperwork the day I want to visit the clinic?

A. No. It takes approximately 48-56 hours for your information to be entered into UTMB’s MYChart system. Your registration must be active prior to utilizing the services.  Contact OEB to register in advance so you’ll have access to the clinic if you need it.

Q. I haven’t filled out my gym waiver form.  Can I still access the clinic? 

A. No.  In order to access the clinic, you must have access to the gym.  Even if you don’t plan to use the gym, fill out your gym waiver today to be sure you can access the telemedicine clinic if you need it.

Q. Is the clinic available to all UT System employees or only participants of the UTSelect Medical Plan?

A. All UT System Administration employees can use the clinic during the 6-month pilot.

Q. I missed the sign-up event on October 3, 2017.  How do I sign up?

A. Please contact OEB by calling (512) 499-4616.

Q. Can my dependents utilize this clinic?

A. No.  Right now it is only for UT System Administration employees.

Q. I am a UT System Administration employee who works in Austin, but not in the UT System Building.  May I utilize the clinic?

A. YES!  Just make sure you have signed your gym waiver.