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For December’s Insurance Insights selection, the Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) continues its series of articles addressing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the UT Benefits program. These include the questions that our customer service teams at our plan administrators are most often asked by UT Benefits participants. This month we focus on our dental insurance provider, Delta Dental.

Delta Dental provides a dedicated 800 Number for University of Texas Employees and retirees.  The UT calls are in a priority queue so that our calls are answered first by Delta Dental.

On average, Delta Dental receives over 1,000 calls each month and the approximate hold time is 6 seconds.

If you have a question about your UT Dental plan that you don’t see in our FAQ’s below, please call Delta Dental Customer Service today at (800) 893-3582.


Do I need an ID Card?

While it’s helpful, you do not necessarily need an ID card to receive services.   The dental office will verify your eligibility and benefits with Delta Dental based on your Benefits ID number.

How do I request an ID Card?

Delta mails your cards to the home address on file with your benefits office.  Members may request to have cards sent to them at any time during the year, if necessary.  This can be done by contacting Delta Dental customer service at 800-893-3582 or registering for online services at the Delta Dental website at:


How do I change my assigned DeltaCare dental office?

Contact Delta Dental customer service at (800) 893-3582. They will change the dental location effective the first of the following month.


I have a missing tooth. Will it be covered by my dental program?**

All UT dental plans cover services related to a missing tooth.  The benefits range from placement of a bridge to an alternative benefit for implants (described in the next FAQ below).

Also, effective September 1, 2015, all UT Dental plans cover the replacement of missing teeth without any exclusions. 


Are implants covered?**

No.  Implants are not covered under any of our UT Dental plans.  As an alternative benefit, the UT Select and UT Select Plus plans do allow the implant claim to be processed and payment issued for the amount of a bridge benefit.  Implants services are not covered under the DeltaCare, DHMO program. 5. ORTHODONTIC BENEFITS

If I change from UT SELECT Delta Dental to UT Select Delta Dental PLUS will I receive the higher orthodontic benefits?

Yes. The claim will be reviewed and adjusted to allow the increased benefit percentage and maximum dollars. If you have completed treatment or are near completion the additional payments may be limited to the amount owed at the time of program change.

If I change from UT Select Delta Dental PLUS to the UT SELECT Delta Dental will I still receive the higher orthodontic benefits?

No, once you change to the UT SELECT your orthodontic benefits will be processed based upon the UT SELECT coverage. 


**NOTE: For extensive dental procedures such as missing tooth replacement or implants, we recommend that you ask your dentist to complete and submit a request for a cost estimate, sometimes called a pre-treatment estimate. This will allow you to know in advance what procedures are covered, the amount the insurance company will pay toward treatment, and your financial responsibility. A pre-treatment estimate is not a guarantee of payment. When the services are complete and a claim is received for payment, Delta Dental will calculate its payment based on your current eligibility, amount remaining in your annual maximum and any deductible requirements.


For more information about your UT Benefits program, please visit our website at