Information Security

Computer generated image of a digital spring lock in red over a background of binary numbers in light blue.

The U. T. System Office of Information Security exists to accomplish the following tasks*:

  • Enable the business of U. T. System:  education, research, healthcare

  • Protect the business of U. T. System:  critical information resources, systems, and infrastructure

  • Promote a positive information security culture:  positive awareness, attitude, and behavior of all employees

Mission Statement

The U.T. System Office of Information Security provides guidance and support to The University of Texas System's academic and health institutions, U.T. System Administration, and UTIMCO in their efforts to establish and maintain information security programs that:

  • effectively reduce risk and secure the information assets under its stewardship against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss;
  • are documented and verifiable; and
  • meet regulatory compliance requirements.


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* Adapted from Principles for Information Security Practitioners © 2010 Information Security Forum Limited.