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2021 Nov 4: A Tool to Compare Colleges | Jaschik, Scott, Inside Higher Ed. For its portion of the Gates' Explorer tool, UT System's OIRA provides data, demonstrating full utility of Postsecondary Value Framework.

2021 Jul 26: It's time to think beyond skillsThe Hill reports how seekUT's employment data assists students in choosing job pathways that have high completion rates, low debt levels and strong wage outcomes. 


2018 Sep 25: University of Texas System to convene national conversation on challenges, opportunities of dual credit programs | Vertex Conference 2018 - Denver, CO

2018 Aug 1: UT System study delves into impact of dual credit courses on student success in college | UT System study delves into impact of dual credit courses

2018 Jul 2: College Transparency Act Builds Momentum |  Senator John Cornyn signed on to bill that would overturn the ban on a federal postsecondary student-level data system

2018 Mar 27: A ‘Workaround’ to U.S. Ban on Student-Level Data | The University of Texas System releases a new breakdown of student earnings, an alternative -- produced with U.S. Census Bureau - to a prohibited federal database.

2018 Mar 26: First-of-its-kind collaboration unveils nationwide earnings of graduates by program of study and institution  | UT System's partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau


2017 Jul 19: Wages for Graduates of University of Texas Institutions Higher than National Average, New Georgetown University Report Finds | Study explores earnings patterns of UT graduates


2016 Mar 29: UT System convenes national experts to explore ways to better align higher education and the workforce | Vertex Conference 2016 - Austin, TX

2016 Sep 22: UT System partners with U.S. Census Bureau to provide salary and jobs data of UT graduates across the nation | UT System partners with U.S. Census Bureau


2015 Dec 10: UT System grads earned nearly $150K more than nongraduates over 10 years

2015 Sep 30: Enhanced UT System Dashboard focuses on user friendliness and key performance measures | UT System Dashboard

2015 May 14: UT System launches free online database to connect industry with thousands of world-class researchers | seekUT launch


2014 Oct 8: UT System first in nation to provide salary, debt and jobs data to help students plan their future | seekUT+ and seekUT new version launched

2014 Aug 14: University of Texas System makes salary data and student debt data available via smartphone | seekUT smartphone accessibility

2014 Jan 16: University of Texas System first in nation to provide salary and student debt data | seekUT launch