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2018 Sep 25: University of Texas System to convene national conversation on challenges, opportunities of dual credit programs | Vertex Conference 2018 - Denver, CO

2018 Aug 1: UT System study delves into impact of dual credit courses on student success in college | UT System study delves into impact of dual credit courses

2018 Jul 2: College Transparency Act Builds Momentum |  Senator John Cornyn signed on to bill that would overturn the ban on a federal postsecondary student-level data system

2018 Mar 27: A ‘Workaround’ to U.S. Ban on Student-Level Data | The University of Texas System releases a new breakdown of student earnings, an alternative -- produced with U.S. Census Bureau - to a prohibited federal database.

2018 Mar 26: First-of-its-kind collaboration unveils nationwide earnings of graduates by program of study and institution  | UT System's partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau


2017 Jul 19: Wages for Graduates of University of Texas Institutions Higher than National Average, New Georgetown University Report Finds | Study explores earnings patterns of UT graduates


2016 Mar 29: UT System convenes national experts to explore ways to better align higher education and the workforce | Vertex Conference 2016 - Austin, TX

2016 Sep 22: UT System partners with U.S. Census Bureau to provide salary and jobs data of UT graduates across the nation | UT System partners with U.S. Census Bureau


2015 Dec 10: UT System grads earned nearly $150K more than nongraduates over 10 years

2015 Sep 30: Enhanced UT System Dashboard focuses on user friendliness and key performance measures | UT System Dashboard

2015 May 14: UT System launches free online database to connect industry with thousands of world-class researchers | seekUT launch


2014 Oct 8: UT System first in nation to provide salary, debt and jobs data to help students plan their future | seekUT+ and seekUT new version launched

2014 Aug 14: University of Texas System makes salary data and student debt data available via smartphone | seekUT smartphone accessibility

2014 Jan 16: University of Texas System first in nation to provide salary and student debt data | seekUT launch