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Captain Laura Pean, University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department in Galveston

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Captain Pean
Captain Laura Pean
Patrol Commander at the University of Texas Medical Branch
Police Department in Galveston

My name is Captain Laura Pean and I am the Patrol Commander at the University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department in Galveston. I have been with the University of Texas System Police for a little over 9 years. I am originally from England and moved to Texas in 1993. Regarding formal education and teaching experience, I was awarded my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (2004), and Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology (2006) from Sam Houston State University.  I have conducted extensive research on use of force and custodial deaths when completing a thesis titled, "An Analysis of Deaths in Custody in Texas, 2002-2004," and included case review and in-depth research on sub-topics including, but not limited to: excited delirium, vehicular pursuits, justifiable homicide, use of force police interactions, suicide, and accidental deaths in custody. 

I interned with Scotland Yard through the Summer of 2006, where I tested the hypothesis of serious crime being disproportionate among distinct communities. In the summer of 2007, I participated in a study abroad program working with the Polish National Police and examining international perspectives to policing. 

Prior to law enforcement, I received 40 hours of training in November 2010 to become a Court Appointed Specialist Advocate, which provided extensive exposure to courtroom proceedings and courtroom testimony in advocating for children as their Guardian Ad Litem and testifying to what is in their best interest. I was the recipient of the 2013 CASA Advocate of the year.

I began my law enforcement career with The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, in May 2013. I received my Master Peace Officer license in May 2020 and have had a pretty active career including FTO, MHMR, Baton instructor, CBRNE Law Enforcement Protective Measures and Response instructor, SAFVIC, Marine Unit member, swift water rescue certification, among others. I was promoted to Sergeant in July of 2018 where my primary duties were with the Office of Professional Standards where I worked with accreditation and Internal Affairs Investigations. In March 2021, I was promoted to Lieutenant and became the Galveston Patrol Commander. In December 2021, I was promoted to Captain and serve as the patrol commander for Galveston, League City, Angleton, and Clear Lake Campuses. Over the years, I have worked on some larger sexual assault and human trafficking investigations and worked with the local agencies for a coordinated response.

Police work in the field is always in my heart. I love being able teach and train officers, being able to help people, and nothing is better than a complex, detail-oriented investigation. While the emphasis of university policing is different than municipalities, we are afforded the ability to properly investigate crimes and serve the campus students, staff, and visitors with the level of attention they deserve. I am married and have a little girl, Abigail, who is about to be 2. I enjoy playing soccer, singing Karaoke, hanging out with friends and traveling.