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You can download the file here.  An HTML version of the letter follows:



To My Colleagues in the University of Texas System Police:

The country faces a challenging time in understanding its relationship with American law enforcement and as we all can see and feel, there is much contentiousness and adversity reflected in the interaction of the police profession and the communities you serve and protect. I want you to know that I stand with you as you take on the extraordinary issues of policing in a free society, simultaneously striving to both protect and serve.

I fully understand the dynamic and complex roles that you must assume as guardians, protectors, crime fighters and most importantly, public servants.

I appreciate your missions of public safety, law enforcement and physical security and the constitutional parameters within which you must operate every hour of every day.  Policing in a free and democratic society is no small or easy task and demands police officers of the highest caliber and integrity.  Unlike other places in the world, your authority is derived from the social compact extended by the rule of law and the will of our communities, and that authority must be treated with the utmost respect and exercised with thoughtful restraint.

Yet, day in and day out, as I learn of what has occurred within the jurisdiction of the UT System Police every 24 hours, I am incredibly impressed with your professionalism and highly developed skill sets.  The insight, determination and commitment that you bring to our campus communities and the 330,000 faculty, staff and students whom you strive to protect and serve every day, is an inspiration to me. When I read of your lifesaving efforts, your willingness to go in harm’s way, your ability to curtail serious threats to our community and your dedication to those who have been victimized, I take great comfort in knowing that the safety of the UT System is in the best possible hands.

I strongly believe in you and your mission – and I am profoundly grateful for your contributions to the great good and your critical role in ensuring the education of our next generation of leaders.  That your heroism, valor and quiet dedication may often go unheralded does not mean that it goes unrecognized, in fact, quite the opposite is true.  Those of us in positions of leadership keenly understand and appreciate you, and for me, as the Chancellor, I am exceptionally proud to call you my University of Texas System Police.

Bravo Zulo!