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Officer Marco Antonio Huerta, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Police Department

Officer Marco Huerta UTRGV
Officer Marco Huerta

My name is Marco Antonio Huerta and I grew up in Los Fresnos, Texas which is a small town in South Texas for most of my life. I served in law enforcement for nearly 30 years. I started working for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Police Department, February 2020, as a Police Officer and assigned to the UTRGV K-9 Division where I oversaw the K-9 Unit Division training program. Prior to my employment with University, I had a working relationship with the university through the Brownsville Police Department with assisting UTRGV Police Department purchase and train their first explosives service dogs and handlers, for the university. I was later assigned to the UTRGV Police Department Community Engagement Officer since August 2021 and continue to serve in that capacity. As the Community Engagement Officer, I am the presenter for the “CRASE” training class which stands for the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. I present to the university community being students, faculty, and staff, as well to several schools and private organizations throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Along with those duties, I also serve as the university’s Crime Prevention Officer and assist with the Field Training Officer program and with background investigations for new police applicants.

I started my law enforcement career as a Reserve Deputy for the Cameron County Constable Office in the early 1990’s, after attending and completing the police academy at the University of Texas Southmost College. After serving as a Reserve Deputy, I was hired with the City of Los Fresnos Police Department. I was then hired by the Brownsville Police Department in April 1992. Where I served for 27 years and retired in January 2020. While I was with the Brownsville Police Department, I worked patrol the first three years and then was assigned to the K-9 Unit in 1995 and assigned a Police Service Dog.  In 1996, then Brownsville Police Chief Ben Reyna, assigned me as the K-9 trainer and instructor for the Brownsville Police Department, after attending a two-month K-9 Instructor/Trainer course in Huntsville, Alabama where I received my certification as a K-9 Instructor and Trainer in detection and patrol work, and I oversaw the K-9 Division.

As a K-9 trainer/instructor for the Brownsville Police Department, I was able to assist many agencies locally and around the United States with K-9 related training issues and was able to travel to Europe to select dogs for the Brownsville Police Department as well for other police departments. I currently serve on the National Narcotic Detector Dog association as a board member and a Police Service Dog certifying official for the organization in the areas of narcotic detection, explosives detection and patrol work. I have served on the board for the past seven years and currently the President for the organization.

I have been married to a wonderful woman, Gudalupe Huerta for the 31 years. She is a SOLID ROCK and BIG SUPPORTER of our family. We have a daughter Bianca Adriana Huerta, who is a graduate of University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and a son Michael Anthony Huerta who is currently attending University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Working for the UT System Police has continued to motivate me and provide me with many opportunities.  Chief of Police Adan Cruz and all police administration at UTRGV has allowed me to continue to provide K-9 training to a wide variety of departments, where I continue to build relationships with local, state, and federal agencies. I am so grateful to be a part of UT System police that has provided me with so many opportunities to continue to better myself, to work with the community and continue to help others.