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Somer Fernandez, UT Dallas PD - Featured Officer of the Month

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Corporal Somer Fernandez was born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX. Before graduating high school her family moved to Del Rio, TX where her Step-father was stationed as a Border Patrol Agent. After a year in Del Rio, Fernandez returned to Wichita Falls to finish out her senior year of high school.

In 2007 Fernandez returned to Del Rio and began her career in Law Enforcement for the City of Del Rio Police Department. Fernandez worked patrol for approximately 5 years before being placed in the Internal Affairs Division. Soon after Fernandez became the Commander of Internal Affairs and assumed that role until 2014 when the decision was made to move to the Dallas area.

Fernandez began her career at UT Dallas Police Department in 2014. That same year Fernandez received the award of Officer of the Year and also received the award again in 2016. Fernandez was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 2017 and soon after was placed in the position of Training Corporal.  Corporal Fernandez instructs RAD for both men and women on campus, Civilian Response to Active Shooter for faculty and staff on campus, and completes in-service training for Officers. Corporal Fernandez assists with equipment, accreditation, new hires, field training, officer training, public safety officer training, CIS/report systems training, scheduling and instructing in-service training as well as assisting officers with scheduling outside training.

Corporal Fernandez is currently an FTO and Certified Instructor for several courses to include Gracie Street Survival, OC Spray, and Defensive Tactics. Corporal Fernandez enjoys training officers, assisting with as much knowledge as possible, and taking on multiple tasks to assist the Department.

While not working Corporal Fernandez enjoys spending time with her son, Tristan, and two daughters, Presley and Blake. They spend most of their time running back and forth to soccer, football, band, and dance.