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HOP 1.1.4 Review of Information for Public Distribution

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Sec. 1 Purpose

The purpose of HOP 1.1.4 is to establish a policy that guides all employees of the University of Texas System Administration, departments, and programs in the creation and use of design, digital, and communications products, including but not limited to logos, print materials, websites, and social media accounts, that represent the UT System.

Sec. 2 Principles

The University of Texas System Administration strives to maintain a consistent, professional image aligned with its mission and ethos. While individuals within the System Administration may create and execute public-facing communications, each initiative should tie back to the central U.T. System brand — both visually and strategically — in order to provide a clear and concise experience and understanding for a wide range of audiences and constituents.

Sec. 3 Policy Statement

Print and electronic material, including but not limited to news releases, invitations, promotional or marketing materials, ads, websites, and social media accounts, prepared for public distribution on behalf of The University of Texas System Administration, must be reviewed by the Office of the Chancellor in coordination with the Office of External Relations and the Office of the Board of Regents. To protect and promote the U.T. System brand, internal offices may not create and use logos beyond the official U.T. System seal without advance review and authorization from the Office of External Relations. Submissions of all applicable materials must be made to the Office of External Relations at least seven business days in advance of distribution to allow time for review and response or consultation.  External Relations will in turn share reviewed material with the Office of the Board of Regents and Office of the Chancellor and follow up with the requesting office.  (This policy does not apply to legislative testimony, submission of government-required reports or grant proposals, speeches or conference presentations.)

Sec. 4 Responsibility for Contracted Agencies

Any U. T. System Administration office working with a contracted individual, entity, or agency is responsible for all aspects of the outside contractor’s work related to materials, including logos, graphics, and public distribution communications strategies prepared on behalf of the U.T. System, including compliance with quality control, protocols, and policies, and consistency with the U. T. System mission. Those visuals and plans must be shared with the offices listed in Section 3 of the Policy Statement above. In addition, a representative from the Office of External Relations must be consulted during the agency selection process.

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External Relations, Communications and Advancement Services

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