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HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 1.1.1 Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside ActivitiesSystemwide Compliance
HOP 1.1.2 Outside Activity Policy Systemwide Compliance
HOP 1.1.3 NepotismSystemwide Compliance
HOP 1.1.4 Review of Information for Public DistributionExternal Relations
HOP 1.1.5 Key Control PolicyFacilities Management, Human Resources
Business Operations
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 2.1.1 Travel PolicyController
HOP 2.1.2 Entertainment Expenses and Guidelines on Other Uses of Institutional/Gift FundsController
HOP 2.1.3 Cost Transfer PolicyController
HOP 2.1.4 Time and Effort Management and Reporting PolicyController
HOP 2.1.5 Cost Sharing PolicyController
HOP 2.1.6 Institutional Base Salary PolicyController

Human Resources

Recruitment and Appointment
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.1.1 Equal Employment OpportunityHuman Resources
HOP 3.1.2 Criminal Background ChecksHuman Resources
HOP 3.1.3 Hiring, Promotion, and Transfer of EmployeesHuman Resources
HOP 3.1.4 Employment EligibilityHuman Resources
HOP 3.1.5 Employment of a MinorHuman Resources
HOP 3.1.6 Beginning and Ending Employment DatesHuman Resources
Benefits and Compensation
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.2.1 Fair Labor Standards Act – OvertimeHuman Resources
HOP 3.2.2 State Compensatory TimeHuman Resources
HOP 3.2.3 Longevity PayHuman Resources
HOP 3.2.4 Hazardous Duty PayHuman Resources
HOP 3.2.5 Tuition AssistanceHuman Resources
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.3.1 Leave PolicyHuman Resources
HOP 3.3.2 HolidaysHuman Resources
HOP 3.3.3 Return to Work After Work-Related Injury or IllnessHuman Resources
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.4.1 Employment RecordsHuman Resources
HOP 3.4.2 Personnel Identification Badge PolicyHuman Resources
HOP 3.4.3 Time and AttendanceHuman Resources
HOP 3.4.4 TelecommutingHuman Resources
HOP 3.4.5 Accommodating Disabilities in the WorkplaceHuman Resources
HOP 3.4.6 Multiple State EmploymentHuman Resources
Employee Performance
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.5.1 Probationary Period for Classified EmployeesHuman Resources
HOP 3.5.2 Performance AppraisalsHuman Resources
HOP 3.5.3 GrievanceHuman Resources
Employee Discipline
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 3.7.1 Sexual Harassment and MisconductHuman Resources
HOP 3.7.2 Procedures for the Handling of an Allegation of RetaliationHuman Resources
HOP 3.7.3 Discipline/Dismissal of EmployeesHuman Resources
IT, Security, Privacy
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 4.1.1 Information Resources Acceptable Use and Security PolicySystemwide Compliance, Technology and Information Services
HOP 4.1.3 Confidentiality and Security of Education Records Subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)Systemwide Compliance
HOP 4.1.4 System Administration HIPAA Privacy Policy ManualSystemwide Compliance
HOP 4.1.5 Breach Notification PolicySystemwide Compliance
Risk, Environmental Health and Safety
HOP NameResponsible OfficeLast Amended
HOP 5.1.1 Workers’ Compensation Insurance ProgramRisk Management
HOP 5.1.2 Carrying of Handguns on a U. T. System Administration CampusRisk Management