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HOP 3.6.2 System Administration Employee Discount Program

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Sec. 1 Purpose

The University of Texas System Administration (U. T. System Administration) offers an Employee Discount Program (EDP) through an agreement with The University of Texas at Austin (U. T. Austin). Although the EDP is developed and administered by U. T. Austin, U. T. System Administration employees may utilize U. T. Austin’s EDP to the same extent as employees of U. T. Austin. 

Sec. 2 Principles

U. T. System Administration offers an EDP in an effort to help our employees receive an added benefit for their career commitments.  This program is intended to benefit the recruitment, engagement and retention of top talent.

Sec. 3 Program Information and Materials

The distribution or presentation of marketing materials related to products and services offered by companies that provide discounts the EDP will be publicized by the Office of Human Resources.  These marketing materials will be placed on the Office of Human Resources web page for the purposes of providing education, product and service information, and participant enrollment.

In addition to discounts offered through the official EDP, there are many local businesses and vendors that offer discounts to U. T. Austin and/or state employees, but information regarding these discounts may not be known to U. T. System Administration.  There is not a comprehensive list of these businesses or vendors, however, employees are encouraged to consult with the Office of Human Resources before engaging in business when there is a U. T. or state employee discount available.

Employees may contact the Office of Human Resources for information regarding the EDP.

Sec. 4 Participation

Employees of the U. T. System Administration may participate in the Employee Discount Program offered by U. T. Austin to the same extent that U. T. Austin employees are eligible to participate.  U. T. System Administration may also engage with other participating services or purchase other products for its employees to receive discounted services or products and will communicate participating requirements to employees as necessary.

Provider Participation. In order to participate in a UT EDP, Providers must comply with all requirements in UTS 141 and work directly with U.T. System Administration’s Office of Human Resources.

Sec. 5 Procedure for Adding Employees

The Office of Human Resources will be responsible for sending vendors a list of U. T. System Administration active benefit eligible employees every month.  The list received by vendors will allow U. T. Austin or vendors to invoice U. T. System Administration for the cost associated with each employee participating in the EDP.  For contracts managed by U. T. Austin, U. T. Austin will invoice U. T. System Administration on a quarterly basis and the Office of Human Resources will be responsible for handling the payment and maintaining active employee information current with U. T. Austin. 

Sec. 6 Participating Services and Product Providers

Vendors who wish to provide discounts on goods or services to U. T. System Administration employees should be referred to the U. T. System Administration Office of Human Resources. U. T. System Administration may contract with vendors, including vendors who have existing contracts with other U. T. institutions for the provision of discounts of goods or services to U. T. System Administration employees.


Employee Discount Program (EDP): Any program, plan, or offering through which one or more products and services are offered by individuals or companies that provide employee discount programs, merchandise, membership programs, credit union and banking programs, or other similar programs.

Participating Service and Product Provider (Provider): A person or company providing a discounted service or product to employees through U.T. Austin’s or U. T. System Administration’s Employee Discount Program.

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