UTS 191 Travel Guidance for Presidents and Their Spouses

Sec. 1 Purpose

This policy is intended to provide guidance for the travel of Presidents and their spouses to ensure appropriate use of institutional resources and to provide additional flexibility concerning the application of the separate institutional policies regarding Presidental and spousal travel.

Sec. 2 Principles

Oversight of the travel of Presidents and their spouses ensures appropriate use of institutional resources and bolsters public confidence in the responsible operations of U.T. institutions. 

Sec. 3 Applicability

This UT System policy applies to Presidential and spousal travel.

Sec. 4 Travel Upgrades

Travel upgrades from institutional discretionary funds are permitted for Presidents and their spouses for travel to destinations with travel times of five (5) hours or more.  With the approval of the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor, travel upgrades are permitted for travel times of less than five (5) hours if the unique circumstances warrant the use of travel upgrades in serving the best interests of the institution.

Presidents, under the authority granted in Regents’ Rule 20201, Sec. 4.1, may develop policies specific to travel and travel upgrades appropriate to their institution. For Presidents and their spouses, this policy or one adopted pursuant to Regents’ Rule 20201 may apply.


Travel Time – the hour duration of a trip from the scheduled departure time of the originating city flight to the scheduled arrival time of the final destination city flight, including transfers/connections of a linked trip.         

Travel Upgrade – includes but is not limited to premium economy, business class and/or first class.