Faculty Workload

Pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 51.402, Regent’s Rule 31006 establishes the general workload policy for faculty employed at an academic institution of higher education in The University of Texas System. The Rule also establishes the reporting requirements associated with faculty workload.

In November 2017, Regent’s Rule 31006 was amended to enable each academic institution to develop a workload policy designed to achieve two main goals: foster greater student success while advancing each institution’s unique mission. In addition, the amendments to the Rule streamlined the reporting required by Texas Education Code 51.402, Regents’ Rule 31006, and Coordinating Board policies.

In accordance with RR 31006 and through established shared governance processes, each institution must develop a faculty workload policy to be implemented no later than Fall 2019.

Policy Resources

  • Texas Education Code Section 51.402
  • Regent’s Rule 31006: Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements
  • U. T. System Faculty Advisory Council, Guidelines for the development and approval of institutional faculty workload and reporting polices.

Implementation Timeline

November 2017 - November 2018 Development of institutional faculty workload policies through established shared governance processes.
November 2018 Submission of the final proposed faculty workload policy for review and approval by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
By end of January 2019 The Executive Vice Chancellor formally approves institutional faculty workload policies.
By fall 2019 Institutional faculty workload policies become effective.