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Contracts and Procurement

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Systemwide Contracts*
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Contract Collaboration and Reporting System (CCARS)
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Our mission is to effectively support the procurement and contracting processes for goods and services that sustain, foster and support the educational, research and health care missions of The University of Texas System. We strive to maintain the most efficient operations while adhering to the requirements of university, state, and federal laws, rules and procedures. It is our goal to serve our customers in the most timely, efficient and transparent means possible.

Provide UT System Administration staff members with relevant information regarding contracting and procurement processes and associated guidelines. The site will provide written procedures, processing guides, training materials, forms and supplier-related information. We will provide links to relevant resources and materials. In addition, the site will provide access to information required by Texas Education Code 51.9337, effective September 1, 2015. One of the primary requirements, the Contract Management Handbook, serves as a reference and provides the foundation for the development and communication of procedures and staff training related to contracting and procurement.

*Note: If you have accessed any of UT System’s resources in Office 365, you will already have access to this site. You can self-register for UT System guest access by sending a blank email from your UT institutional email address to After 15 minutes, your guest account will automatically be created and you will be able to access the UT Systemwide Contracts site with your UT institutional ID.