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Job Disqualifiers

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An applicant who falls into any of the following categories is ineligible to be licensed and must be removed from further consideration:

  1. Persons who have been or are currently on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last 10 years from the date of the court order.
  2. Persons who are currently charged with or under indictment for any criminal offense for which conviction would be a bar to licensure.
  3. Persons who have been convicted of an offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor in the last 10 years.
  4. Persons who have been convicted of any family violence offense.
  5. Persons who are prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle.
  6. Persons who are prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.
  7. Persons who have had a TCOLE license denied by final order or revoked; is currently on suspension; have a voluntary surrender of a TCOLE license currently in effect; or have violated any TCOLE rules or provisions of the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1701.
  8. Used marijuana any time in the 36 months preceding the date of application.
  9. Regularly used marijuana during the five years preceding the date of application.
  10. Persons who have used any of the drugs listed in this section at any time while serving as a law enforcement officer, correctional officer, security officer or fire fighter/EMT.
  11. Persons who used paint, glue or other inhalants for the purpose of intoxication within the last five years.
  12. Persons who used hallucinogenic drugs, including, but not limited to, LSD, PCP or Psilocybin within the past five years.
  13. Persons who abused prescription medicines, whether prescribed to them or another person, in the last five years.
  14. Persons who used anabolic steroids for any reason other than the treatment of a medical condition, and as authorized by and under the direction of a licensed physician, within the last five years.
  15. Persons who illegally used any other substances or drugs listed in the federal or Texas Controlled Substances Acts, including, but not limited to: amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, opium, barbiturates, heroin, morphine, ecstasy and Eve within the past five years.
  16. Persons who illegally sold, produced, cultivated or transported for sale marijuana or any other substances or drugs listed in the Federal or Texas Controlled Substances Acts.
  17. Persons who have been terminated, asked to resign, or resigned from any previous employment for engaging in inappropriate or unlawful behavior, including, but not limited to, any of the following: Any felony offense; Sex crimes; Sexual harassment; Discriminatory or retaliatory acts; or Any offense involving acts of moral turpitude
  18. Applicants who do not complete and satisfactorily meet the applicant selection process requirements: Among other duties, the process requires applicants to submit documentation such as the personal history questionnaire and other documents on or before the designated date, report to appointments and examinations on the scheduled dates and times, properly notify the institution police department of address and/or telephone number changes, and comply with the directions and instructions of the background investigator.
  19. Applicants who do not demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity, and good work ethic in their past and present employment. An applicant’s employment history since age 18 must not indicate instability in the applicant’s employment history, including excessive tardiness or absenteeism; inefficiency; failure to follow directions, policies, procedures, rules and regulations; poor working relationships; or negligent work habits.
  20. Applicants with an unstable credit history. This includes a consistent history of issuing insufficient funds checks, a history of delinquent payments, or a failure to meet financial obligations. An applicant’s credit history will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine his/her continuing eligibility in the hiring process.
  21. Applicants who have made false/deceptive statements. Applicants must be truthful and honest in their responses to all inquiries relative to their suitability for employment with the institution police department. Applicants found to have withheld material information, and/or to have committed or attempted to commit any deception or fraud in their applications, examinations or appointments are deemed unsuitable.


Revised 1/2/2015