Close up of a UT System Police Badge, with text on the side of the image: Office of the Director of Police

News of Interest 2017


The University of Texas System includes 14 major institutions with 330,000+ students, faculty and staff as well as UT System property and assets in 68 Texas counties, all of which The University of Texas System Police are responsible for in terms of police services, law enforcement, physical security and public safety.

During the calendar year 2017, the University of Texas System experienced the following Uniform Crime Report-listed offenses, as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the total numbers and at rates as follows:

  • 1 Homicide
  • 1 Life Saving episode by a UT System Police Officer every 41 days (Director's note: these heroic events typically involve reviving those who have collapsed from a heart attack, rescuing a trapped victim from a vehicle involved in a major crash or negotiating to safety a potential suicide victim.) 
  • 1 suicide every 52 days System-wide (Director’s note: The majority of these tragedies are tied to a failed relationship with a former significant other, disappointment in academic achievement, social isolation or estrangement from campus life in general.) 
  • 1 sexual assault every 14 days System-wide (Director’s note: although not always the case, a significant number of these offenses involve the perpetrator and victim being known to one another through a social/dating relationship or setting with alcohol as a contributing factor.) 
  • 1 robbery every 46 days System-wide (Director’s note: the typical robbery scenario involves a non-UT affiliated perpetrator entering the campus and committing the offense - an absence of situational awareness on the part of the victim is often involved; typically, cell phones and wallets are targeted.)  
  • 1.1 assaults every 1 day System-wide (Director’s note: this category includes family and dating violence which is a greater concern than many might imagine on campus) 
  • 1 burglary every 3.3 days System-wide (Director's note: dormitory rooms and offices are overwhelmingly the location of choice by perpetrators.) 
  • 4.2 thefts every day System-wide (Director’s note: The items stolen in the greatest numbers are bicycles, laptop computers, cellular telephones, electronic notepads and backpacks.) 
  • 1 emergency mental health commitment from a non-clinical setting every 2.3 days (Director's note: Texas peace officers are empowered to involuntarily refer for mental health evaluation those who are in crisis and an immediate threat to themselves or others.) 
  •  1 auto theft every 13 days System-wide (Director’s note: we have a particular concern that a number of auto thefts involves vehicles targeted, stolen from a campus and transported across the border into Mexico.) 
  • 1 arson every 365 days System-wide (Director's Note: this most often involves very minor trash and paper fires.) 
  • 10.4 Part II crimes every day System-wide (Harrassment, DUI, drugs, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, forgery, fraud, weapons offenses, stolen property, bomb threats, liquor law violations, terroristic threats) 
  • 1.5 students arrested every day System-wide (custodial and non-custodial arrests—Director’s note: a custodial arrest involves booking the arrestee into jail while a non-custodial arrest involves issuing a citation to appear in court in lieu of jail booking) 
  • 7 non-students arrested every day System-wide (custodial and non-custodial arrests—Director’s note: non-students are arrested at a rate of 2.8 x that of students) 
  • 2740 calls for service every day System wide (Director’s note: a call for service is a request for police service placed with the respective institution police department and can be communicated by a wide range of means and involve a wide variety of police activities.


Clearance Rates

  • Clearance rate for campus-related homicide: 100%
  • Clearance rate for sexual assault: 50%
  • Clearance rate for robbery: 25%
  • Clearance rate for assaults: 72%
  • Clearance rate for burglary: 25%
  • Clearance rate for theft: 9%
  • Clearance rate for auto theft: 14%
  • Clearance rate for arson: 0%
  • Clearance rate for Part II crimes: 70.5%


Revised 7/9/2018