RISC Services

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Led by Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Phillip Dendy, RISC Services provides a strategic, comprehensive, and collaborative approach to managing risks for the University of Texas System, including Risk Management, Information Security and Systemwide Compliance.


Risk Management

It is the mission of the Office of Risk Management (ORM) to provide high quality risk management services, resources, and leadership, which create value and support The University of Texas System’s (UT System) mission of excellence in education, research, healthcare, and public service.

Information Security

The U.T. System Office of Information Security provides guidance and support to The University of Texas System's eight academic and six health institutions, U.T. System Administration, and UTIMCO in their efforts to establish and maintain information security programs that effectively reduce risk and secure the information assets under its stewardship against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss; are documented and verifiable; and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Systemwide Compliance

The Systemwide Compliance Program supports The University of Texas System’s academic and health institutions as they work to promote a culture of ethical behavior and to ensure compliance with all applicable policies, laws, and regulations governing higher education, research, and healthcare.


Chief Compliance and Risk Officer: Phillip B. Dendy
Chief Information Security Officer: George Finney
Chief Inquiry and Research Security Officer: Trey Atchley

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