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ORM Frequent Questions

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For more information regarding Risk Accounting, Risk Control, Risk Finance, Risk Information Systems and Workers' Compensation Insurance, contact ORM at 512.499.4655.

What is The Office of Risk Management?

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) is comprised of five sections with specific areas of responsibility including: Risk Accounting, Risk Control, Risk Finance, Risk Information Systems, and Workers' Compensation Insurance. Each section plays an important role in the risk management process and coordination with institutional professionals throughout The University of Texas System.


How do I contact the Office of Risk Management?

There is an error on the ORM Website, how do I contact the Webmaster?

How can I obtain specific insurance information?

How can I obtain specific information regarding workers' compensation injuries?

I need an ergonomic evaluation of my work area, who do I contact?

Where can I receive more information regarding the Department Safety Liaison (DSL) Program?

How can I access PLANet?

Where can I receive information regarding driver training?

May I take a CPR, AED or First Aid training course?