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Full List of Faculty Development Resource (from the Shine Faculty Development Committee)

Same links, as in the Full List, are listed below:

Active Learning
Harvard; The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.
Site provides information about how to incorporate active learning into lectures, even with large groups of learners. A link to a valuable tip sheet is included.

Clinical Teaching Skills

Yale School of Medicine-Medical Education Teaching and Learning Center
This website has information for educators, including teaching tips and teaching in large and small groups. The Teaching Tips tab has multiple helpful PDFs covering a wide variety of educational topics including TBL, clinical reasoning, and teaching with patients. There are links to additional resources throughout. Great site to access a lot of information covering many skills needed to be a medical educator.

Coursera: Teaching and Assessing Clinical Skills Free online course that covers improving feedback, clinical teaching and assessment of clinical skills. EPA’s and the RIME model are covered as well as a briefing-debriefing model for clinical teaching.

YouTube video by residents on feedback: Internal Medicine Residents provide feedback to faculty on how to provide feedback using the STOP mnemonic. Specific, Timely, Objective, Plan.

Hofstra University Zucker School of Medicine Faculty Webinars, addressing teaching in the ambulatory setting, incorporating students into your practice, teaching clinical reasoning.
One-minute preceptor:
Meaningful clinical Evaluations: 10 minute video explaining formative, summative evaluations, frequent missteps, use of frameworks, narrative, from Indiana university.

Competency Based Medical Education
Tips for implementing EPAS for assessment:
AAMC: Core EPAs Pilot Project guides and toolkits for implementation
AAMC: Core EPAs Home page, FAQs, Guiding principles, and links to scholarly literature.

Making Your Work Scholarly
Handbook for Academic Medicine Writing Workshop available from the AAMC: A reference handbook containing guidelines for writing abstracts, commentaries, perspectives, research reports and letters to the editor, containing excellent examples.
Annotated Bibliography of Journals for Educational Scholarship, collated by AAMC Regional Groups on Educational Affairs

One-stop Shopping
“ADEA we Teach® is a user-friendly gateway providing dental, allied dental and other health educators a one-stop-shop for high-quality teaching, learning and assessment resources. Health care faculty at any stage of their career will benefit from these “how to” resources, plus the opportunity to share and publish educational best practices within MedEdPORTAL®.”
This is a catalogue of educational resources within the MedEdPortal, many, but not all, are related to Dental Education.

Power Point Presentations 16 Presentation Ideas and Power Point Examples is a website which provides succinct tips for creating an engaging power point presentation.

Public Speaking
Stanford Graduate School of Business: “A Big Data Approach to Public Speaking: Key Takeaways from analyzing 100,000 presentations.” provides great information on how to be a more engaging public speaker, based on evidence published by Noah Zandan, founder and CEO of Quantified Communications.
Brown University, The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. Classroom Communication Tips: A brief tip sheet on how to be an effective communicator and how to elicit audience feedback.

Question Writing

National Board of Medical Examiners: Faculty Services
You will need to log into the NBME to access these resources on Item writing, including an online interactive tutorial and the Gold book: “Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences”. These and other free faculty development resources can be found at the NBME Quicklinks, under Faculty Services.

Science of Learning/Learning Theory
Spaced repetition theory explained.

Student Mistreatment

The following modules on the mededportal contain free videos that can be used to teach both faculty and students about what constitutes student mistreatment.

Round table discussions

April 2024: Presentations by Poster Winners at 2024 Shine Academy Innovations Conference, hosted by Dr. Allison Ownby

February 2023 Unique Approaches to Interprofessional Education, hosted by Dr. Allison Ownby

October 2022: The Role of Productive Failure in Medical Education, hosted by Dr. Luann Wilkerson

July 2022: Transforming Your Teaching into Educational Scholarship, hosted by Dr. Allison Ownby