Purchase and Contract Transparency


The University of Texas System Administration is providing the following information for Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications.

Assistance: Contact the Office of the Controller at 512.499.4527 or email at controllersoffice@utsystem.edu. An open records request must be filed in order to obtain detail related to this information.

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RFP 720-1701 RFP: Recruitment and Search Services for Athletic Departments
RFP 720-1729 RFP: Medical Billing Compliance Software
RFP 720-1722 RFP: Executive Search Firms Services
RFP 720-1728 RFP: EPO
RFP 720-1724 RFP: Insurance Brokerage Services
RFP 720-1721 RFP: Incident Response and Digital Forensics
RFP 720-1713 RFP: Radioactive Waste Disposal Services
RFP 720-1711 RFP: Fundraising Feasibility Study and Campaign Consulting Services
RFP 720-1715 RFP: Board Portal Solution
RFP 720-1704 RFP: Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Services
RFP 720-1710 RFP: Fundraising Consulting and Other Related Services for Development Programs
RFP 720-1714 RFP: Outplacement Services
RFP 720-1705 RFP: Cost Containment Services and Workers' Compensation Health Care Network Services
RFP 720-1706 RFP: Rolling Owner Contrlled Insurance Program Brokerage and Administration Services
RFP 720-1709 RFP: Expense Report Management Software
RFP 720-1708 RFP: Office Real Estate Broker Services
RFP 720-1703 RFP: PeopleSoft Break-fix Support and Enhancement Services
RFP 720-1702 RFP: Auditing and Evaluation Services
RFP 720-1707 RFP: Retail Real Estate Broker Services
RFP #721-1701 RFP: Recruitment and Search Services for Athletic Departments
RFP #BDV08262016 RFP: Health Care Consulting Services
RFP #BDV08262016 RFP: Health Care Consulting Services
RPF #ITL08012016 RFP: Content Management Systems for University Programs
RFP #OTC07142016 RFP: Valuation Services for UTHF Portfolio
RFP #OTC07132016 RFP: Create Brand Strategy for UT Horizon Fund
RFP #OTC07122016 RFP: Market Research Databases for Commercialization Due Diligence
RFP #ITL063012016 RFP: Learning Environment Services
RFP #EXT06272016 RFP: Branding Strategy & Marketing Services
RFP #ITL06162016 RFP: Salesforce Configuration & Development Services
RFP #COM2016-0510 RFP: Hotline Reporting System Services
RFP #SWIS05302016 RFP: Vendor to Provide Microsoft Program
RFP #BDV05272016 RFP: Project DOC Valuation Services
RFP #ORM05232016 RFP: Property Insurance Broker and Risk Management Services
RFP #AUD05172016 RFP: Internal Audit & Consulting Services
RFP #OAA05062016 RFP: Athletics Search Firm
RFP #UCI32011 RFP: Outplacement Services
RFP #CON03312016 RFP: Financial Audit Services
RFP #AUD02242016 RFP: Services related to IT Audit Risk Assessment Methodology
RFP #OTC03232016 RFP: Proposal Preparation Firms
RFQ #OGC20120518 RFQ: Outside Counsel
RFQ #OGC20150608 RFQ: Outside Counsel
RFP #UTSTS20160201 RFP: Aviation Consulting Services
RFP #CON02222016 RFP: Fair Value Measurement of Certain Investments
RFP: Provide 100Gbps Lamda Ethernet Services for UT System
RFP #BUSUTS-A51 RFP: Core Lab Equipment
RFP #ORM20151216 RFP: Unemployment, ACA Compl & Employment Related Srv
RFP #TCO12142015 RFP: Assist in Developing Entrepreneurship Network
RFP #OAA01212016 RFP: Web-based Services, Alcohol Ed & Assault Prevention
RFP #SIS11302015 RFP: Oracle-PeopleSoft Training/Documentation Services
RFP #OTC12022015 RFP: Develop and Execute Online Marketing Strategy
RFP #SSO-2-MedBill RFP: Medical Billing Compliance Software
RFP #JAMP12152015 RFP: MCAT Test Preparation, Enrichment & Review Services
RFP #CON10152015 RFP: Upgrade Financial Consolidated Reporting System
RFP #FAC2015LM0805RP RFP: Landscaping Maintenance Services
RFP #UTAI09032015 RFP: Consultant for UT Americas Institute
RPF #OEBRFP-Flex RFP: Flexible Spending Account Plans
RFP #OEBRFP-Vision RFP: Vision Insurance
RFP #OEBRFP-ActSrv RFP: Actuarial Services
RFP #OEBRFP-MedD RFP: Drug Subsidies for Medicare Part D
RFP #OEBRFP-DisIns RFP: Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
RFP #OTC08052015 RFP: Research database to support Horizon Fund
RFP #OEB05292015 RFP: Recovery Sevices
RFP #BUSUTS-A48 RFP: Charter Aircraft Related Services
RFP #ALC2015-AVEq RFP: Audio Visual Equipment
RFP #BUSUTS-A50 RFP: Spend Analytics Solution
RFP #ALC2015-CCR RFP: Contract Compliance Review & AP Audit Recovery
RFP #ITL03202015 RFP: Learning Content Development and Production
RFP #TCO202132015 RFP: Portfolio Review UT Horizon Fund
RFP #OHA11212014 RFP: Diabetes Obesity Control Project Platform
RFP #OHA10172014 RFP: Consulting Diabetes Control
RFP #ORM156082 RFP: Emergency & Recovery Services for Disaster Events
RFP #ITL01202014-R RFP: Learning Environment Design Development
RFP #BUSUTS-A43 RFP: Preferred Supplier of Office Supplies
RFP #BUSUTS-A40 RFP: Offsite Records Storage Solution
RFP #EIS20131121 RFP: PeopleSoft and CRM Implementation Services
RFP #EIS20131014 RFP: Hosting Managed Srvcs for Oracle PeopleSoft
RPF #OEBRFP-LTC RFP: Long Term Care Insurance Plans
RFP #OEBRFP-PPOPlan RFP: Administrative Services for Self-funded PPO Plan
RFP #ALC2013-PCs RFP: Personal Computers
RFP #ALC2012-MobDev RFP: Mobile Device Management
RFP #OEBRFP-DentPPO RFP: Administrative Services for Self-funded Dental PPO Plan
RFP #OEBRFP-Pharm RFP: Pharmacy Benefit Management Services
RFP #FAC20120326 RFP: Stocking Services
RFP #OEBRFP-AudSrv RFP: Audit Services
RFP #OEBRFP-StuHlt RFP: Student Health, Study Aborad & Special Event Insurance
RFP #OEBRFP-RetServ RFP: Retirement Programs and 457(f) Plans
RFP #ALC2011-PrtSrv RFP: Managed Print Services
RFP #OEBRFP-LifeAdd RFP: Life and Accidental Insurance Plans
RFP #BUSUTS-A18 RFP: Contingent Workforce
RFP #ALC2010-Lab RFP: Core Lab Equipment
RFP #ALC2010-Anml RFP: Research Animal Models