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Mission Statement

The Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) will lead in designing, implementing, and administering high-quality, cost-effective benefit programs for employees and retirees to support the mission of The University of Texas System.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the OEB is to maximize the benefits and services that employees and retirees of The University of Texas System receive for each dollar spent on benefits. In doing so, OEB, while working within the limitations of the marketplace, must weigh the needs and desires of employees, retirees, and their dependents who participate in the benefit plans through the UT System’s institutions, and UT System Administration.

Responsibilities and Duties

OEB is responsible for seeking proposals for medical, dental, prescription drug, vision care, term life, accidental death and dismemberment, short and long-term disability contracts. OEB analyzes all bids received and makes recommendations as to which bids should be accepted. OEB is also responsible for the overall administration of the contracts, which are approved by The University of Texas Board of Regents.

Inherent to these duties are:

  • Monitoring employee benefits to ensure their compliance with state statutes and contractual obligations.
  • Representation of members via insurance consultants and claims adjudication.
  • Data maintenance and transmission to and from the various insurance vendors.
  • Communication of benefit information to members and administrators.

OEB works closely with and receives invaluable assistance from the Human Resource Departments of each institution.

OEB was established by Article 3.50-3 of the Texas Insurance Code and complies with state laws and statutes pertinent to employee benefits for The UT System. Article 3.50-3 was recodified by the 77th Texas Legislature to Chapter 1601.

Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) (formerly SWIAC)

The BAC is composed of representatives from each institution and System Administration who regularly meet with and provide input to OEB regarding the UT Benefits program. Please visit the BAC website to find out who your representatives are and view the latest By-laws.

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Office of Employee Benefits
The University of Texas System
210 W. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(800) 888-6824 (toll free)

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