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The UT Health Network is an enhanced plan design for UT SELECT participants receiving services from certain UT physicians at certain UT System Health Institutions. The UT Health Network has lower copays and coinsurance when seeing a UT physician at a UT-owned facility, and you can also save on physician charges when treatment is received from a UT physician at a non-UT owned facility.

Benefits of the new UT Health Network along with several claims examples are illustrated below. You can also print or save the UT Health Network Flyer for future reference.

UT Health Network Flyer

PRIMARY CARE $20 copay $30 copay
SPECIALIST $40 copay $50 copay
EMPLOYEE CLINIC* $10 copay $30 copay
DEDUCTIBLE $600 / individual $600 / individual
INPATIENT* Deductible plus 10% coinsurance $200 / day ($1,000 max/admission) plus 20% coinsurance

Participating UT Medical institutions include:

  • UT Medical Branch Galveston facilities & providers;

  • UT Health Northeast (Tyler) facilities & providers;

  • UT Rio Grande Valley providers and facilities; 

  • UT Austin, UT Health Houston, and UT Health San Antonio Employee & Nursing Clinics and University Health System in San Antonio; and

  • UT Dallas Callier Center for audiology services and hearing aids. 

The UT Health Network benefit is not available at this time for services received from UT Southwestern, or UT MD Anderson Cancer Center physicians or facilities. Your regular UT SELECT Medical in-network benefits apply for these providers and locations.

You can log into Blue Access for Members to access the Provider Finder specific to UT SELECT Medical, where participating providers and facilities are clearly marked as being part of the UT Health Network. You must be logged in to see the "UT Health Network" designation.

Reminder: In Hospital / Outpatient Services

Benefits and claims for services provided by Emergency Room physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and pathologists will be based on the network status of the provider. Ask your providers if they are in the BCBS network to ensure network benefits will apply.

Prescription Drug Plan

The UT SELECT Prescription Drug plan (administered by Express Scripts) is included in the UT SELECT Basic Coverage package. There are occasional updates to the formulary for the UT SELECT Prescription Drug plan. Even though the plan benefits are not changing (annual deductible and copays), you could see changes in your medication costs, generally after January 1 of each year.

Benefits Examples

Your UT Health Network benefit applies depending on the status of the provider and facility as shown below.

  1. Visit to a Participating Employee or Nursing Clinic
    Member pays $10 copay.
  2. Office Visit with a UT Provider (at any Facility)
    Member pays office visit copay of $20 or $40.
  3. Inpatient or Outpatient Services with a UT Provider at a participating UT Facility
    Member pays regular $600 deductible, 10% coinsurance on provider and facility charges, and a $0 inpatient/$200 outpatient copay.
  4. Inpatient or Outpatient Services with a UT Provider at a non-participating Facility
    Member pays regular $600 deductible, 10% coinsurance on provider charges, 20% coinsurance on facility charges, and $200 facility copay per day.