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Get an ID Card

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In most cases, your ID card will be required for identification by health care providers.

If you have enrolled in new coverage or made changes to existing coverage, you may receive new ID cards and/or a FLEX Debit Card (if enrolled in HCRA) within two weeks of your effective date.

If you have lost your ID card, you can contact the plan administrators directly to request a replacement card. Below is additional information about ID cards.


You may print a temporary ID Card and request a replacement ID card by accessing your account online at BlueCross and Blue Shield of Texas's Blue Access for Members portal, or by calling BlueCross and BlueShield at: (866) 882-2034 (M-F 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CT).


What happens if I need to see a dentist and I do not have an ID card?
ID cards are not necessary to make an appointment or visit a dentist under the Delta Dental DPO or Delta Dental Premier Program. You may visit any dentist or preferably a Delta Dental DPO dentist in order to get the best savings even without an ID card. The dentist may ask for your group number (#5968) and enrollee ID so that they can contact Delta Dental to verify your eligibility and benefits.

Will I receive a Delta Dental ID card?
Hard copy ID cards are mailed to the employee home address. 


You do not need to show an in-network provider your ID card to receive services. However, your ID card includes helpful information and phone numbers for the provider to reference regarding your benefits or discount plan. While you don't need your card, it is important that you always identify yourself as a Superior Vision member.

Please remember: Your medical health plan and Superior Vision are separate companies; our eye care providers will not accept your medical health insurance plan ID card in place of your Superior Vision ID card.

Will I receive an ID card? Will my dependents?
You will receive one ID card with your name on it. Dependents will not receive separate ID cards. They may use the member's ID card to access vision benefits.

Ordering or Printing ID Cards
To print or order a replacement/additional ID card, log in to the secure member area of Superior Vision's website, select Account Info, then Request and Print ID Card. 


Check your card’s expiration date — Your card is valid for five years from the date you receive the card, as long as you continue to be an active UT FLEX participant. Before your card expires, you’ll receive a new card in the mail.

Replace lost or stolen cards — Please call Maestro Health right away at (844) UTS-FLEX to report a lost or stolen card.