The University of Texas System is committed to providing and claiming reimbursement for health-related services in compliance with established federal, state, and local laws, and regulations, policies, and procedures. The Systemwide Healthcare Compliance Program assists system institutions through the development and implementation of compliance programs, education and training, and consultation and coordination of activities with their various compliance offices. The goal of the Systemwide Healthcare Compliance Program is to promote a culture of compliance, ensure the provision of quality patient care, and ensure reimbursement for health-related services that is consistent with applicable standards and regulations.

The Healthcare Compliance Council has been chartered by the System Executive Compliance Committee to assess, manage, and mitigate healthcare compliance risks across the UT System.

Areas of focus include:

  • Clinical documentation
  • Quality of care metrics
  • Claims coding
  • Patient care and professional billing
  • Electronic health records
  • Anti-kickback, Stark, and false claims