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Privacy at U.T. System

The University of Texas System is committed to protecting and safeguarding the confidential and sensitive information entrusted to us through various means.  Individual trust in the privacy and security of personally identifiable information is a goal each of our institutions as well as System Administration strive for with the highest level of commitment. As an employer, a collector of data on millions of individuals and companies, developer of information and research-management standards, and state advisor on data governance policy, U.T System strives to be a leader in best privacy practices and privacy policy. To further this goal, U.T. System assigns a high priority to privacy considerations in all academic and health programs, employee policies, and vendor management policies.

At System Administration, we strive to create a culture of privacy awareness within all departments and among all employees. Understanding and complying with privacy practices is everyone’s responsibility. The U.T. System Privacy Officer is available to all employees and departments to provide guidance, support, and training to continue fostering an understanding of the role each department and employee plays in ensuring privacy is achieved and maintained and enhance efforts to provide the highest levels of education, research, and healthcare.

Questions or concerns related to privacy matters at System Administration should be directed to the U.T. System Privacy Officer at