Prescription Drug Plan - Retired Employees

There are two prescription plans available to retirees and their dependents. A retiree and their dependent(s) may participate in different prescription plans, depending on the situation. The plan you participate in depends on your individual Medicare-eligibility status as well as the UT employment status of the retiree, as described below. 

For more information about your prescription drug plan, please select the option below that best fits your situation.

Drug Plan 

Medicare Part D

Certain retirees and dependents of retirees will participate in the standard UT SELECT Prescription plan that is available to active employees, including:

  1. All retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare;
  2. All dependents who are not yet eligible for Medicare;
  3. All working retirees;** and
  4. All dependents of a working retirees.**

All other retirees and dependents of retirees who do not fit into one of the exception groups listed for the non-Medicare plan will participate in the UT CARE Medicare Part D plan.

**PLEASE NOTE:  A working retiree is someone who retired from UT and has returned to work in a benefits-eligible position at a UT institution. Prescription coverage for surviving spouses follows the same logic as for non-working retirees.