Claims and Financial Litigation

The Claims & Financial Litigation section of The Office of General Counsel is responsible for the pursuit of various claims on behalf of UT System and its institutions, including litigation when appropriate.   

Working as in-house plaintiffs' counsel, section attorneys negotiate, and may appear in federal or state court to prosecute, claims involving:

  • business issues (like contract or lease disputes and class actions)
  • estate and probate matters
  • bankruptcy claims
  • medical accounts and related liens
  • student debt
  • other matters when UT System or one of its institutions is affirmatively pursuing a debt or claim for relief

Section attorneys may be called upon to represent UT System or an institution in ancillary defensive matters like:

  • tax suits
  • interpleader actions
  • declaratory judgment actions
  • bankruptcy adversarial proceedings
  • garnishment proceedings

Applicable federal regulations, OGC Guidelines for Referral, Regents’ Rules & Regulations and UT System policy govern when and how matters can or must be referred to the section for review or action. Matters can be referred by contacting Kevin Brown or Hannah D. Huckaby.

Pursuit of all claims is attempted through negotiated settlement prior to litigation, with an emphasis on resolving claims informally and in a manner consistent with the overarching goals and priorities of the UT System and its educational and public service purposes.  However, if litigation is required, the authority to file suit is granted to the section attorneys by the Office of the Attorney General.

The section also

  • reviews contracts between our institutions and outside collection agencies, and facilitates obtaining approval of same from the Office of the Attorney General
  • advises institutions regarding various legal and business concerns that impact receivables management
  • provides legal advice and guidance on certain Title IV issues and related matters regarding student financial aid 

Claims & Financial Litigation Resources

The University of Texas System
  • Regents' Rules and Regulations 404014070150101
  • UTS155,  Policies Regarding Clinical Enterprise Business Operations