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Outside Counsel RFQ Response Instructions

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Review and complete the RFQ Response Worksheet (opens in new window) before beginning the online response.  Information can easily be copied and pasted from the Worksheet to the online forms.

Each law firm or attorney should submit only ONE response to the RFQ regardless of the office that will be performing services. This site is password protected so one person should be designated to enter all information.

The person completing the RFQ Response will be able to return to the application as many times as needed to view and update the response until it is submitted and acknowledged.

BROWSER: JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser to complete the RFQ Response. (Link to turn on/off JavaScript on your browser:

To begin the RFQ Response process, go to and in the dropdown box, choose “U.T. System Guests." You will be redirected to the Guest Authorization website, where you click how you want to authenticate (Google or WindowsLive). After you select your organization, you will be redirected to that company for a prompt to enter a username and password. At that time, you will be directed to the RFQ Response application.

Please follow these directions to complete the response:

  • After logging on to the RFQ Response system, you will be asked if you would like to create an RFQ Response. Click “Yes, I would like to begin the RFQ Response process.”
  • Once a response is created, click the Next Page link to go to the Firm Information page. Throughout the application, you can use the Next Page links at the bottom of the pages, or use the left navigation bar to navigate section-to-section.
  • Fill out the Firm Information page and click “Submit Firm Information.” You will be taken to the General Questions page.
  • Respond to the questions on the General Questions page. (NOTE: Responses that are more than 7950 characters, including spaces, will not be saved by the application.) Most word processing programs have a tool that will allow you to count the characters, including spaces, of selected text. After you have responded to these questions, click “Submit Responses.” Your responses will be saved, and you will be taken to the Areas of Law section.
  • The Areas of Law section contains all of the Areas of Law with their descriptions.  Use the left navigation bar to select an Area of Law to include in your response.
  • Click “Add This Area of Law to My Response.”  Fill out the rates section and click “Submit Rates.” (NOTE: The maximum hourly rate is $525 per hour for attorneys and $225 per hour for paralegals.)  If you use the “Other” category, please fill in the “Other Description” field.
  • Complete the city and state of offices of the respondent that handle the Area of Law. Click “Submit Locations.”
  • Respond to the questions on each Area of Law added to the response. (NOTE: Responses that are more than 7950 characters, including spaces, will not be saved by the application.) Click “Submit Responses” to save your responses. 
  • Complete and submit responses for all of the Areas of Law for which the firm wishes to be placed on the Referral List described in the RFQ.
  • After responses to Areas of Law are completed, click the Acknowledgment link in the left navigation bar. Please review the acknowledgment carefully. The acknowledgment must be completed in order to submit your response. Check box and click “Submit Acknowledgment.”
  • After the Acknowledgment is submitted, the RFQ Response will be locked and cannot be viewed or updated.
  • Print the Acknowledgment page and keep for your records.

If there are questions regarding your response, we will contact the person listed in the response by email or telephone.

Please contact Daneen Grossling at (512) 499-4516 with any questions regarding the RFQ Response.