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Deborah Jones. UT Medical Branch, Senior Vice President and Dean, School of Nursing. Growing up in an old Virginia railroad town (Crewe) with a population that’s still less than 2,500 in a county (Nottoway) with less than 16,000 people, Deborah didn’t always know the scale of opportunity that existed beyond the county lines. But it was there that instilled in her a strong belief in the power of community and that drives her commitment to give back to that community
Dylan Buck. UT Arlington, Senior Student Body Vice President, 2022-23. Born and raised in St. Louis, Dylan found himself adjusting to a new life in North Texas as a senior in high school after his parents moved to take on new job opportunities. He chose to attend UT Arlington and has made the most of his time on campus.
While you may not know Jen, you’ve heard her voice and seen her creations as designer of informational employee materials. Her savvy skills go beyond screen and paper and into the realm of deliciousness. Just ask about her hydroponic garden and insane cheese-plate game.
Hopeton Hay, Executive Director HUB Programs. Born in New Orleans, Hopeton spent portions of his childhood living in France, Texas and New Jersey as his father served in the U.S. Army before moving back to The Big Easy.
Privacy is a word we commonly hear in the news, articles, and within the walls of System, but do we really think of privacy in our day-to-day office tasks or as we go about personal lives online shopping, ordering food delivery, posting on social media?
Born in Newgulf and raised in Beaumont, Francie’s boundless resolve, Ann Richards-twang and blonde tresses are pure Texas. So, it’s no surprise this tall Texan is tasked with advising the leaders of the state’s largest university system.
The creative mind behind the visual style of UT System communications, Mehran is a man of international intrigue whose loves, beyond family and career, include a savory German/Turkish delight and a challenging DIY project.
She’ll soothe your computer blues, then when she steps out from behind the screen, Grace sparkles in vibrant hues, whether she’s conquering a mountain or creatively chronicling the jaunt in her journal.
A designer of administrative web applications, Justin is a veteran whose story traces back to 17th century Imperial China and childhood dreams of limitless possibilities in a galaxy far, far away.
A master of ensuring delivery of complex projects, Yashambari’s name literally comes from the stars. She wields a sharp sense of humor and is inspired by fictional mob boss Michael Corleone.
The University of Texas System celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting a handful of the hardworking and dedicated employees at System Administration. Read on to discover the insightful stories, perspectives and journeys that have shaped their lives and led them here.
UT System employees have access to mental health and wellbeing resources year-round By Katherine Werchan
Communications Intern
Annual Enrollment is July 15 through July 31. Join the Office of Talent & Innovation for the Annual Enrollment Fair, Tuesday July 19 from 10am to 2pm on the 2nd floor of UTSB. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and learn about what our benefit plans have to offer. Annual Enrollment Fair 2022 Flyer 
Congratulations to the 2022 Employee Service Award recipients who achieved a service milestone in 2021.  Chancellor Milliken hosted a reception honoring employees with 20+ years of service at Bauer House on June 9. Appreciation gifts were also delivered to recipients of 5-, 10- and 15- year recognition. Thank you for your dedication in service to Texas.
The FY 2023 Holiday Schedule has been posted by the Office of Talent & Innovation. The number of annual holidays a state agency is permitted to observe is determined by the national and state holidays referenced in Sec. 662.003 of the Texas Government Code, including where those holidays fall during the calendar week.
Cyber criminals are in full force this tax season. Security researchers have spotted multiple phishing campaigns impersonating the Internal Revenue Service ( These emails pretend to be from the IRS sending the recipient their 2021 Tax Return, W-9 forms, and other tax documents commonly required during the tax season.
Every day, UT System Administration staff use the Phish Alert Button (PAB) to report suspected malicious email. Those reports will now receive a faster response, thanks to a new tool that will automatically scan reported email messages and send an automated response back indicating  whether the reported email is legitimate, spam or a threat. The automated response will only be sent to UT System employees who make the report using the PAB. If your Outlook desktop app does not have the PAB, contact the Help Desk.
The FY 2022 Holiday Schedule has been posted by the Office of Talent & Innovation.
A vulnerability affecting the Microsoft Windows print spooler, which helps your computer interact with printers and orders the print jobs in your queue, was reported July 1. The vulnerability could potentially have allowed attackers to remotely execute code with system-level privileges, so printing to the network printer fleet in the UT System Building was disabled at that time. Microsoft issued a security patch to address the vulnerability on July 7. After working through the night to install the update, OTIS was able to restore printing in the UT System Building.